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Before getting to my recommendations for certain free self improvement downloads, let me make a few necessary notes in regards to the topic.

Firstly: 'self improvement' means many things to different people, so if there's a CATEGORY of software not listed in this article which is a form of self improvement technology, please inform me of this, and I'll see what I can do regarding the matter. For instance, when researching for this article, I came upon a website that listed a piece of 'wedding planning software' as being a type of self improvement software, and was surprised by this, but for some people this might indeed be an obvious program to include in an article like this one.

Secondly: the tools for self improvement that I list below are not always aesthetically pleasing because if I have to make a choice of dismissing or keeping software that is practical but doesn't have the most charming interface, I will most likely always regard FUNCTIONALITY over how a program LOOKS because 'how' and 'if' a tool works is more important to me than the eye-candy quality of the product. That's not to say I'm averse to a pretty-looking piece of software at all though!

Thirdly: should certain of the below tools for self improvement become unavailable for download (for whatever the reason) then I'll see if I can legally send you a copy of the software myself.

And lastly: some of the below programs don't say they are compatible with Windows 7 simply because they haven't been tested on Windows 7. This DOESN'T necessarily make them incompatible, however. So if you're not sure if a program works on whatever Operating System you have on your computer, try it out just in case. You might be pleasantly surprised! As a sidenote to this thought, please be aware that most of the below tools for self improvement are relatively small in terms of download size, so even if you find they don't work on your computer, you wouldn't have wasted much time or bandwidth in coming to this realization.

And now, the list...

1 - FREEMIND is considered by MANY to be the best free mind-mapping software out there. It's got a simple layout, is easy to use, and can do almost anything you would want to do with this sort of tool. In other words: it's awesome! If you find you're not sure which version of this software to download, then click here for the standard Windows version of Freemind.

Keeping on the topic of mind-mapping software: another excellent application to consider is SPIDERSCRIBE. It's an online tool, and it's in its beta stage, but has a really fantastic interface, it's incredibly user-friendly, and you can link pictures, other files, Google maps, and standard hyperlink text to it very easily. You can furthermore share your mind-maps online with others, if you should wish to, and allow them to edit them if that serves your purpose. This particular self improvement technology has many positive reviews, and it deserves them ALL in my opinion!

2 - ESYPLANNER is a PIM (Personal Information Manager) application that has a friendly feel, is totally free, and can carry out most - if not all - of the functions you'll need it to regarding this sort of self improvement technology.

3 - WHAT TO DO is a VERY simple 'To Do List' program, but has been well designed, so if you like making lists, then consider downloading this tool to help you manage them.

4 - HOME CONTENTS is an inventory program, therefore meaning you can keep track of items at work, in your house, or whatever other place might need to be monitored in such a way. The link I've provided for the software will download the software immediately. I have not linked to the main site where the software is hosted because there are so many other pieces of software on the site that you might have trouble finding the Home Contents application file amongst it all.

5 - SPEEDREADING is a piece of software that does just what you would assume it does. It helps you learn how to speed-read. That said, it's one of my favourite items of software on this list because it is so informative (although it has been designed by a second-language-English speaker, so sometimes the wording to explain a concept is not quite correct) and it's the sort of software that debunks much other similar software by telling you (and providing you with) practical and logical ways to improve the speed at which you read. For instance, a screen will scroll down at a certain speed, and then gradually scroll faster and faster, thus pushing you to read more quickly. Clever! I originally downloaded the software from a link where I didn't need to register it, but the link I've provided you with in this paragraph does seem to want you to register the software. When I use my version of the software, I can log on without signing in, so hopefully you will be able to do this also should you need to/ wish to.

6 - DRILL ASSISTANT is a VERY basic looking program that simply allows you to input data into it, whereby it then questions you on the data, preparing you for tests, etc. You could also use the program for the fun purpose of creating a quiz for your children to play together. This software is limited only to how creatively you choose to use it, therefore.

The two tools below aren't really self improvement tools as such, but they will most likely make your general computing experience easier, so I recommend you perhaps at least consider downloading and installing them for your personal use.

7 - FENCES is a brilliant little tool to keep your desktop neat. It looks great, works well, and might very likely, very quickly, become an indispensable tool for you.

8 - FOXIT READER is an EXCELLENT free alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader, and - in my opinion - far surpasses Adobe in every way. It's a smaller programme than Adobe, thus it loads more easily and quickly, but it also takes up far less of your computer's processing power. I only open up PDF's with Foxit when I use a Window's machine.

And last but not least... um.. no, these actually are 'the least' of the bunch in my opinion, which is exactly why I've put them last, but I've added them to this list anyway merely because some people might find these programs to be of value.

9 - MY DESKTOP THERAPIST is a program which you can use ultimately for generating subliminal messages on your screen while you work, with any assortment of positive messages you can think of; but the reason I mention this program right near the bottom of this list is because this program isn't the most wonderfully easy tool to operate, even though it will do what you want it to do. I've found similar software to this in the past, but when it's free, it never seems to be of a high standard, in my opinion, often trying to force you into buying a premium version of the software instead. One day I might search for this category of software again though, because I do like the potential it has.

10 - DECISION MAKER (the direct download for this program can be found here) is a simple application that makes decisions FOR you, but based on what parameters you put into the tool. For instance, you might be trying to decide what you should eat for lunch, so input five different dishes into the program. Then you'll tell it to only choose perhaps two of those dishes, and it will. Not an amazing tool, which is why it's right at the bottom of this list, but some people may enjoy it. It's also got a function where you can think of a 'Yes or No' question, then click a button, and it answers in either the positive or negative.

If you find that none of the above software is to your liking, I hope that I've at least informed you of what sorts of tools for self improvement are out there to download (and for free!) because then you can look further for a better product than what I may have suggested. That said, I think you will find, HOWEVER, that much of the software I've recommended above is the best of its kind. What can I say? I suppose I'm just an optimist!


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