About Me

This section of the website is about me! (Just in case you missed the giant headline above, stating this).

Now because I might very well be an egomaniac, I am sorely tempted to waffle on randomly for hours about myself, but just in case it's not your life's mission to know absolutely every detail about my fascinating existence and future dreams, I'll keep this short. Somewhat short, that is. Possibly. Okay, hopefully. Let's just take it one step at a time.

Firstly I should mention that I am not a psychologist (or anything so fancy as that) although I do currently hold a Bachelor of Arts in both Psychology and English. So if I ever happen to negatively assess something (rip it apart, in not so many words), I'll at least do it in a superbly eloquent manner. That I guarantee!

The truth is that while I know studying is highly important for many reasons to most people, I haven't personally gained THAT MUCH from the academic institutes I've attended over the years. For most of my life, you see, I've been interested in the field of self improvement, and I've read far more incredible books by my own choice than those suggested to me in many of the modules I had to complete when in the process of attaining my degree in psychology. I plan to one day devote a section of this website to the most influential and original books on psychology, self improvement, and philosophy that I've yet read, in fact.

Should you wish to know what interests me, that is hard to say because so much interests me.

I obviously love the topic of self improvement, but I also love stand-up comedy, science fiction (and 'science fact'), documentaries on most topics, but the older I become, the more I'm learning to appreciate almost every type of 'thing' I come into contact with. I'm at a stage in my own life where just about anything that is presented in a UNIQUE and SKILFUL way interests and impresses me. While I've never been particularly fond of romantic literature, for instance, I am thoroughly in awe with the writings of Jane Austen, even though I still wouldn't necessarily ever choose to pick another of her books up to read before certain other books where the genre would be more to my taste. But this is simply because the content of romantic literature doesn't normally bring much to my life. Jane Austen's writing, however, is very clear, her dialogue between characters is excellent in that it is witty and insightful, and she can easily bring to life what it must have been like to live in the day and age she lived in. By both the standards of her own time and in regards to today's world, she is incredibly talented and accomplished.

I have always loved technology, and can only imagine I always will. The field of open-source software is what most interests me right now though. Still on the topic of technology, I have recently taught the subjects of computers and technology for roughly four years at the same school, to school age children (between grade 4 - grade 9) and absolutely loved that time in my life. I wouldn't say - as so many teachers do - that 'children taught me a great deal' though; rather I would more accurately say that 'I learnt a great deal in having worked with children'.

I have worked extensively with special-needs people, and never understand it when friends or family tell me they couldn't partake in this sort of occupation because they might not be patient enough or understanding enough, etc. Special-needs people are still ultimately JUST people, and some of my experiences have been terrible, while other of my experiences have been filed away in my mind under 'the best times of my life'. I fell into this work accidentally, and it's probably the best accidental happening I have experienced to date.

I secretly dream of one day working with animals, and if it winds up only ever being a voluntary endeavour, that will be absolutely fine!

What I've MOST wished to do, however, for most of my time on this incredible planet of ours, is to write. Hence 'this website'. It is my sincere hope that it therefore brings you something of value or, if nothing else, at least merely entertains you. But 'value' is my end-goal.

And if you happen currently to have a delicious mug of soup in your hand, you may at this point feel totally free to raise it up in a toast to this objective of mine!

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