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The topic of 'legal self help' does not fit in so obviously with the overall theme of this website, but it IS nonetheless a section of the self help universe I'd like to briefly tackle so as to be as thorough as I can in making this site as broad as possible in regards to 'self improvement' in all its many forms.

That said, I will admit that my knowledge on judicial systems - especially in regards to pro se legal representation - is not thoroughly impressive, to say the very least, and therefore I'll mostly merely link to other sites that both handle the matter more accurately than I can at this point, and which provide useful forms and tools to make your life easier regarding legal affairs you might have to (or simply wish to) deal with.

If the above term 'pro se' is an unfamiliar one to you, it is Latin, simply meaning 'for oneself' or 'on one's own behalf'. It is a term used by those who take on the role of a lawyer instead of being represented by one. People are acting on their own behalf in this fashion ever more increasingly, particularly in many American courts, for many different reasons and in many different situations.

I sifted through dozens of websites on the topic of legal self help with the intention of guiding you to the general best sites regarding how you can go about best defending an issue in court by yourself, whether it's a personal or community battle you're involved in, or something else entirely.

Note that not all matters of the law concern 'defending yourself' or 'attempting to lay claim to some item/ items'. Some matters of the law might merely concern your wishing to improve on the living conditions for everyone, in some manner, in the district you reside in, for instance.

Note also that 'degrees of limitation' are placed on certain legal self help matters. As an example: if a breach of the peace may occur as a result of legal self help, then the court may not allow said case to be held in court. Further to this example (and generally speaking): cases where landlords are wishing to evict tenants should be handled by lawyers because this is the sort of case that, if not handled properly and totally legally, could lead to certain parties being injured or traumatised in some respect.

Should you now wish to 'take the law into your own hands' - in the most legal manner, that is - then click here to read and perhaps visit what I currently consider to be the most worthwhile websites regarding this matter.

If I should write further articles pertaining to this topic of 'legal self help', then I will of course add them also to this specific page in the future.

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