Self Improvement Quotes

Self improvement quotes are a dime a dozen. I'll try and therefore present you with only 'quality quotes' as opposed to merely 'a quantity of quotes'. That said, the following list is quite lengthy, but it's taken from a list that is FAR longer because I've been 'collecting' quotes for more than half of my life now. I hope, therefore, that you find the following list of self improvement quotes to be both the most powerful and the most rare of their kind. Quickly though, before getting to that, one or two things...

Why do we love quotes so much?

I think it's because a great quote sums up a concept in a PERFECTLY CLEAR WAY, and in a relatively QUICK TIME, using MEMORABLE WORDS.

I mention all of this, however, because some issues sometimes need more elaboration.


Well a full-length article, discussing a self improvement principle, REINFORCES and CEMENTS a concept, meaning we thus gain a fuller understanding and a more certain belief that a particular concept is valid, than if we might simply hear about said concept by way of a clever self improvement quote.

Articles are to quotes, therefore, what a textbook is to its corresponding study notes. Or perhaps it's more that a quote is like a cue-card for what you already know or want to remember.

But what PRECISELY is my point in saying all of this though?

Simply that some of the quotes I've listed on the linked page below will themselves link to articles that elaborate more properly on that quote. And should you find an 'unlinked' quote you feel needs more elaboration, kindly inform me of this, and I'll consider the matter too.

For now, the quotes I list will be only those spoken by other people (in various different fields) who I have not had the good fortune to meet; but, at a later date, I might make a smaller section with quotes that friends and family have made that I liked, or a section with quotes that come from certain of my own articles, or quotes that you, my wonderful reader, can submit for online publication should you wish to. But those are ideas for the future.

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