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EVERY test you take requires you to use some part of your brain, so what precisely is a 'brain test'?

It's a test in which you use your brain to understand your brain.

A personality quiz could be described as being a brain test, as it MAY accurately describe your most dominant characteristics in regards to 1) how you view the world around you, 2) what sorts of decisions you make in response to various particular life situations, 3) what most interests you, etc. All that said, many of these tests will ask questions related to 'what-if scenarios', and many people will give the answers that will simply reflect themselves in the best light, meaning these sorts of personality tests, quite often, cannot be taken too seriously. Another reason why you should not place too much faith in a common personality test is because your answers to questions may largely be determined in how you are feeling on that particular day, so these tests are frequently more reflective of your current mood than of how your brain differs specifically, and for the most part, to another person's.

That out of the way, taking a personality quiz is often fun, so they should not be disregarded as being totally irrelevant either; but most of the brain tests I will expose you to in this section of my website will be tests that will hopefully more truly reflect your unique brain attributes, and - more importantly - the other half of my brain tests won't be tests so much as they will be brain strengthening exercises/ games.

Brain tests seem mostly designed to evaluate your potential and ascertain how YOU work. I want my brain tests to push your thinking though, so that you can become stronger, especially in regards to lateral thought, but also because a strong brain is a healthy brain, and a strong brain aids in creating a strong body.

The tests you will find on my site will all be of my own devising, meaning you won't find them anywhere else on the web. If you do, then somebody else has either plagiarized my work or else the two of us have had the same ideas. If another person's ideas are phrased in the exact same words as my own, however, then I'd imagine this is not merely co-incidence.

Having stated the above paragraph, I must acknowledge (but also make it clear that I am NO PART OF) the team of people who created the set of four thoroughly interesting brain tests which can be found at Test My Brain . The first brain test cleverly determines your memory ability (both long term and short term), the third brain test will seek to reveal your skill in the field of mathematics, and the second and forth brain tests will examine your ability to recognise faces and emotions, as well as how well you may recognise the faces of certain famous people. These tests inspired some of my own thinking in this section of the website, even though it will most certainly not be very apparent how.

As a side-note, some brain tests you'll find on the Internet are merely optical illusions which illustrate how the brain works, as opposed to how your individual brain works. While I find these tests fascinating, I will most likely never discuss them myself on this website as I don't discuss topics (no matter how interesting they may be) that have either already been discussed to death elsewhere or have simply been related back in a simpler and better fashion than I could do.

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