Goal Setting Software

The good news: There is a VAST array of goal setting software on the Internet to download.

The bad news: Most of these applications aren't free.

And the ones that are free usually aren't that great, meaning they might not install properly or they won't allow you to do much more with them than a common word processing program might.

There is also goal setting software that is free on a trial basis, meaning these pieces of software deactivate after a certain time period or else you are limited in how many of their functions you can use.

Honesty out of the way, now for the MEATY PART of this brief starter to my main article...

Because there's so little TRULY good and free goal setting software out there to download, I'll recommend just ONE package I like, but that you'll ultimately have to pay for if you find you like it too. It's called Single Step.

In a nutshell, my first impression was that Single Step's GUI is really fantastic. It's aesthetically pleasing, but also looks simply laid out, even though it's not a simple piece of software to operate. Don't get me wrong though; it's simple to use, but has more tools than you'll most likely ever need, which is a good thing, considering so much other similar software out there doesn't. For instance, there's an Acknowledgement Page where you can remind yourself of those people who helped you to reach your goal/ goals. Not entirely necessary, but a really original idea in my opinion, and potentially useful! This software also abounds with many inspiring quotes to keep you on track, and these quotes aren't just randomly shuffled anywhere into the software; they are placed into the categories which they best match up with. I most specifically love the wizards that this piece of software has built into it though... one of which leads you easily and completely logically through the processes of identifying and creating the steps to carry out a goal. All in all, this piece of software seems inspired because it's very well designed and offers you - I think - everything you would need when buying software of this sort.

And now for the VERY VERY meaty part of this article...

Just because there are not that many pieces of free software out there to download (and therefore I won't talk about the free ones that are out there to download, because - quite frankly - I don't want to waste your time anymore than I do my own with relatively poorly designed applications), there IS a plethora of great free goal setting software out there for you to use ONLINE.

It will mean having to create an account (but that doesn't take any longer than it would if you had to download and install the same software on your computer) and having an Internet connection whenever you wish to use it (which might be a bit of a downside depending where in the world you live). That said, working off the Internet means that you can use this software anywhere you go, without having to take your laptop or computer with you everywhere, just so long as you can find an Internet station to connect to the software. Additionally, browser based software means that the application-in-question works on ANY operating system, and that's great for some of you out there who may be like me and no longer use Windows.

All that said and done, following is a link to a list of software on another website that quite adequately gives intelligent reviews to a full range of different suites of online goal setting software that are MOSTLY all unique in their own way. Below the link are some of my own updated notes on the software discussed, explaining the software more briefly, but I've added certain other notes that might need mentioning. Therefore I recommend you surf your way to the below link, look at certain recommended online goal setting software that might appeal to you (and watch the video tutorials for some of these applications too because that shows you what you're in for better than almost anything else), then consider returning to this website for some bonus info on what you will have just read!

Eleven Online Goal Setting Software Tools You Can Use For Free

Concerning the above list of online goal setting tools, a little below is the same list, but I've linked straight to the signup pages of these tools for your convenience, and given you just the minimum reminder of what each piece of software is geared to specifically help you with.

* Please note that you don't need to create an account with SOME of the online software sites, as you can log in with your Facebook account.

* Please also note that number 3 and 5 on the list are the only two pieces of software that aren't free.

* Please furthermore note that I suggest you don't register with every website, but rather stick to a few that seem the best suited to you, otherwise you'll wind up not getting anywhere fast because you'll have too much to concern yourself with. However, should you wish to register with all - or most - of the below websites, may I suggest you open up another free email account where any junkmail (or junklike mail) associated with the registering process can at least go to.

And as an absolute final 'please note' note...

* Please note that I've added one additional choice online piece of goal setting software at the end of the list. Here the link will be directed to the main page of the online goal setting software in question, however, so you can read about it more fully (or watch their video tutorials first) if you initially wish to.

1) JOE'S GOALS: Goal setting software geared mostly towards 'daily goals'.
2) GOALSETTING 1: Goal setting software that creates graphs and involves getting support from others and 'not letting them down' if you don't complete your set goals.
3) BACKPACKIT: A 'To Do List' piece of goal setting software with email and text reminders to complete your goals.
4) 8 GOALS: Goal setting software that focuses on helping you clearly divide your goals into 'current, future, and lifetime' goals.
5) MY LIFE CHANGES: Goal setting software that provides simple ways to set and achieve your goals. Although the software may not be free, this website is an interesting one to peruse, as it has an interesting blog you can read at no cost.
6) I SET MY GOALS are goal setting cards to print out, fill out, and keep on your person throughout the day so as to remind you of goals you should complete. The printout of this download is small in size (once folded) so you can quite conveniently place these cards wherever you might wish to.
7) SPARKPEOPLE: Goal setting software SPECIFICALLY for fitness related goals.
8) FITDAY: As above, this is goal setting software for fitness related goals too, but the design of this site is simpler than the above-mentioned one, so I prefer it.
9) MINT: Goal setting software for finance-related goals. This online tool looks THOROUGHLY impressive in my opinion, so if it's financial goal setting software you're looking for, I don't think you could find anything better out there than what this site offers you.
10) 43 THINGS: Goal setting software where you can get advice from other people, especially from those who have similar goals to your own, or who have already reached similar goals to your own current ones.

11) GOAL BUDDY: Goal setting software that is very simple to use with the unique idea of matching you up with a 'Goal Buddy'. You'll both inspire each other to follow through with your goals, and when either (or both) of you do so, you will be given certain rewards as an incentive to keep you going.

Lastly, I must mention an EXCELLENT free eBook (which is just under 30 pages in length, and comes with an accompanying worksheet eBook) dealing with goal setting. Because it has an accompanying worksheet eBook, it's not JUST about reading, but also about DOING. And part of the philosophy incorporated into this eBook is in not just making a 'To Do List' of sorts, but also creating a 'What Not To Do List', meaning you are advised as much to break certain bad habits (that you must identify within your own life) as you are to create new habits that will lead to accomplishing certain goals you have in mind in regards specifically to your self improvement, or to any other goal too. That said, the accompanying worksheet eBook will ALSO help you discover who you are, apart from helping you with goal setting. Two quotes I particularly liked from the eBook are as follows...
- 'Failing to admit a mistake doesn't make it less of a mistake. It makes it more of one.'
- 'Sometimes the tiniest modifications yield the biggest results.'

Should you wish to download the eBook straight to your computer, then click here. You will be prompted to save a zipped file that contains the eBook itself (with the filename Achieve), the accompanying worksheet eBook (with the filename Worksheets) and a folder with all of the same worksheets you'll find in the worksheet eBook, but as separate PDF files. They're not in the same order as they are in the worksheet eBook, and if that bothers you, here's the order you would find them in within the worksheet eBook...
1 - Brainstorming
2 - Permission
3 - GetRidOf
4 - MainGoals
5 - Contacts
6 - Financial
7 - Technical
8 - Skills
9 - Interests
10 - Activities
11 - Character
12 - Enjoy
13 - StepByStep
14 - TakingTheStep

For a list which I've drawn up independently of any other list, in regards to MANY other categories of free software that will aid in your self improvement, and where the overwhelming majority of this software is downloadable for you to install onto your computer, click here.

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