Self Improvement Tips

The self improvement tips in this section of the website will differ from my self improvement articles in that they'll be relatively short and sweet. And if not ‘sweet’, then hopefully at least ‘spicy’. That said, just because they'll be to-the-point, it will not necessarily make these self improvement tips any less important to mull over than my more detailed articles. It's just that sometimes a topic doesn't need to be discussed to death. Don’t worry, I too found this concept incredibly shocking when first I heard about it. Ahem.

As per usual, the tips have all originated from my own perusings, so hopefully they will mostly all read as being fairly unique.

I’ll try and write the tips out in a logical manner, but fear this may be occasionally difficult, for many of these self improvement tips randomly came to mind not in conjunction with each other. Like so many epiphanies, they usually came at times when I was least expecting them... while running for cover due to a sudden thunder-storm, while falling asleep in a boring movie, while considering all the fun (and yet totally disastrous) possibilities related to time-travel... that sort of thing.

Should you wish to copy and paste any of my tips onto your own website, please contact me for permission to do so as I’ll likely be all too happy to have my self improvement tips ‘out there’, but you will, of course, have to credit me as being the author of whichever tips might take your fancy before displaying them on your own website.

If you happen upon a tip that you feel needs more elaboration - or, in fact, you feel should be fleshed out into a full-length article - please make me aware of this. I've written this website for you, the self improvement surfer, and if a certain number of other readers also wish to see the same tip/ tips expanded upon, I'll absolutely take this into account.

Further to the above statement, I'll also consider writing some user tips down in this section of the website, should you submit something to me that I think is beneficial and clearly in line with self improvement. I'll of course credit you as the author of your own work, even if I do edit it slightly for easier reading.

Lastly, I have suggested it elsewhere on this website, but I'll suggest it again: I cannot highly recommend enough the idea of jotting down notes either on paper or on a digital device, because every day we have thousands of thoughts on a myriad of topics, and many of these ideas are actually worth holding onto and expressing to the world. Mostly everything I write comes from certain jotted down notes that I have had at any point during the day, and sometimes I don't realise the value of certain thoughts until I later review them again - as if with fresh eyes - and am somewhat amazed, at times, of rare and absorbing ideas that might otherwise have been totally forgotten. I'm not special in this respect though, believe me. I think we're simply all (or mostly all) geniuses, now and again; we just don't usually recognise it for the most part when it happens.

Waffle waffle waffle.

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