The Benefits Of Self Hypnosis Tapes Over Regular Therapy

Self hypnosis tapes (or any other medium which plays back audio) are becoming increasingly more popular with all manner of people.


For many reasons actually, including...

* it's CHEAPER than going to see a psychologist, and sometimes as beneficial (if not more-so, in certain cases)

* it's EASIER than going to see a psychologist, as you don't have to fit into another person's schedule and drive to their place of business

* you can work at healing your mind WITHOUT having to expose your vulnerabilities to another person in the process (some people spend as much time becoming comfortable with a psychologist as they do in then 'revealing' themselves)

* you WON'T have any hesitancies in relaxing due to the concern that a psychologist or hypnotist might be trying to take advantage of you while you're in a different state of consciousness (although this could never truly happen anyway because 'being in a trance' does not mean that you are ever under another person's control, even though many movies and books would have you believe otherwise)

* you can listen to such audio recordings WHILE SLEEPING (this is a subliminal branch of hypnotic therapy) so essentially you will be productive even when you're unconscious

... etcetera

Some may argue that seeing a 'professional' would ultimately always be the preferable choice though, and SOMETIMES this may indeed be the case. If your problems are too big (or you feel they're too big) for you to adequately handle by yourself, then see a psychologist. That said, maybe you don't have enough money for such things, so it's not an available option for you at present. In which case, it might be in your best financial interests to first try out self hypnosis tapes as a form of healing therapy.

As yet, I don't provide the actual audio for you to listen to, but I very likely will do so in the future depending on how much demand there might be for this. For now though, I offer a standard 'hypnosis sheet' that you can read aloud and record to then listen to.

While it might feel more normal to hear another person 'talking to you' through a hypnotic therapy session, I maintain it is better to hear your own voice because you trust yourself (your intentions, that is, even if not your abilities) more so than you do anyone else. That said, if you feel that your ABILITY to not speak soothingly to yourself via a hypnotic recording is not adequate enough, this too is a common misconception about hypnosis. Yes, 'tone of voice' and 'voice pace' are important to a degree in regards to hypnosis, but not so important that it would likely ever be the element that might ruin a self hypnosis session.

A Word On The Differences Between Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis, And Meditation

When listening to self hypnosis tapes, REGARDLESS of who is talking, this is not precisely 'self hypnosis' in the strictest sense of the words.

When YOU put yourself into a trance with your own THINKING VOICE (that standard everyday voice you use called 'thought') this is TRUE self hypnosis.

Genuine self hypnosis, you see, is actually very much like meditation in this respect. When another person's voice (or their voice being transferred through 'self hypnosis tapes' or even your own voice being transferred through 'self hypnosis tapes') puts you into a trance, that's what is simply regarded as hypnosis.

And, as an additional point, where TRUE self hypnosis differs from meditation is in the previously mentioned word 'trance'.

In meditation, you go into a very relaxed state in a very natural and simple manner (by controlling and focusing repetitively on your breathing, for instance), but during the process of hypnosis (or self hypnosis) you go into a trance (a relaxed state) in a more complicated way. You guide yourself to a state of mind by imagining yourself into that state of mind with a specific SCENE that you play out in your thoughts. You create an imaginary world which you use to then get you from your entirely conscious state of mind into your trance. You will still be conscious (aware, in other words) but you will no longer feel that you are entirely a part of the physical world. If this sounds unbelievable, then consider this: Have you ever jumped when watching a scary movie? Even though you know the movie is not real, a part of you becomes so absorbed in the perceived reality created by the movie, that a separate part of your consciousness accepts it as being real, and that part of you jumps when something terrifying is about to happen or has just happened. That part of you which cries for a fictional character when something bad happens to them, even though the greater part of your conscious mind knows it's just a made-up person in a made-up story you're watching and therefore there's no logical reason to feel sorry for him/ her... well that's the same part of you that accepts a trance as being real, even though another GREATER part of you always also knows it's not.

Never underestimate the power of your own creativity and your ability to 'fantasise', as the above paragraph has shown why, amongst other things, these are two hugely beneficial tools we hold at our disposal.

In layman's terms, however: when hypnosis is performed by one person alone, so that he/ she is both the hypnotist and the subject, and when he/ she performs this procedure with the tools of both 'thought' and 'creativity', so that he/ she can then guide him/ herself into a trance so as to then make use of 'suggestions' in order to work at manipulating a certain part of his/ her mind, this is self hypnosis in its most simple yet complete sense.

Sometimes self hypnosis is also referred to as auto-suggestion. And coming into a trance makes it easier (or so the theory goes) of one accepting suggestions, for whatever purpose they may serve... to heal, to strengthen, or something else entirely.

The power of hypnosis never lies with the hypnotist; rather it always lies with the subject. The hypnotist serves merely as the means of guiding a subject into a trance, therefore anyone can potentially be a hypnotist, even if NOT everyone can be hypnotised (or cannot be so easily hypnotised).

The most important point for a sceptic to remember, in regards to this subject, is that hypnosis is in no way a supernatural phenomenon. When you think about it, hypnosis (and self hypnosis) ULTIMATELY work due to our 'knowing' a language.

Regarding the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy: hypnosis is when you are put into another frame of mind (or when you put yourself into another frame of mind) without the intentions of healing a mental or physical problem you are experiencing. Hypnotherapy is ultimately about healing a mental or physical problem with the AID of your mind through a state of consciousness that involves being put into a trance.

Don't let all these differing terms bother you though.

Whether you choose to meditate to heal yourself, or use self hypnosis tapes, etcetera, it all amounts to the same thing eventually, and that is 'getting to a point of SELF IMPROVEMENT' for whatever the reason.

Simply read about the various different methods of healing your mind WITH your mind, then go with one.

And if one method doesn't work for you, then go with another one.

How To Get Started With Creating Self Hypnosis Tapes

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Nice to know there seems always to be more than one way of going about reaching a certain goal in life should one option not be quite the right one for you to choose at a certain time, huh?

I know, it excites me too!


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