Hypnosis Improvement Self... In That Order

'hypnosis improvement self'

The above three words would quite likely have brought you to this page, but why are the words 'hypnosis improvement self' so important?

These three little words are so thoroughly important because they are the three main ideas that make up the core of this article IN this particular order that I've presented them as being. Here's a brief elaboration of the words, however, before I more fully discuss them later.

'Hypnosis' is THE TOOL you'll use, 'improvement' is THE GOAL you'll seek to achieve with this tool, and 'self' is obviously you... THE SUBJECT who will be worked on, but you will also be THE WORKER. Or the doctor, or the mechanic, or the programmer, or whatever term most takes your fancy.

My end-goal in writing this article will be to show you the benefits of creating self hypnosis tapes, how to create them, and one 'self hypnosis script' that you can use in actually creating your own self hypnosis tape should you eventually decide this is what you wish to do.

All that said and done, let's begin.


If you have not yet read the main Healing Tools page for this section of the website, you might wish to, for there I have written a rather thorough definition of hypnosis, self hypnosis, meditation, and the differences between the three terms. If, for now, you want SIMPLY to gain an understanding of JUST the information you will need in order to continue understanding this particular article, then you need only continue reading this particular article...

Induced hypnosis is a state of HEIGHTENED suggestibility where one's mind becomes focused on achieving a specific goal (or goals) through a trance that one is lead into by way of imagining oneself into another environment which is normally particularly peaceful and aesthetically pleasing.

The most common 'environment' which most people feel comfortable visualizing themselves as being in is normally a forest or beach environment, or any other setting where people feel a strong connection to the Earth. However, because your imagination is not bound by the laws of space or time, you could go into whatever environment you most feel comfortable in and tweak it to your heart's desire. For instance, you could imagine yourself in the desert at night with sand dunes stretching out as far as the eye can see, and with the night sky displaying millions of glittering stars, but while imagining there is no wind blowing and the temperature is perfectly pleasantly warm. Alternatively, you could picture yourself calmly walking on the moon or even the surface of the sun (if that's what would most please and relax you) or you could imagine yourself in another time.

Maybe you could travel back to an age when the Earth was still in its infancy and not even the dinosaurs yet walked the planet. You could also go back in time to a house you once lived in, and where you felt most contented.

Further to this, you can not only change your environment however you most desire, you can also change yourself into whoever (or whatever manner of creature) you may wish to be. Most people, most often, will remain as they are though, and with good reason. The more unrealistic you make a situation, the harder it is to maintain a sense of belief in that imagined reality. Added to that, the goal of self hypnosis is to mentally 'put' you into an environment where you feel incredibly comfortable and at peace; it is not to specifically create a supernatural trip.

But it is interesting to remember that only your own imagination will limit how far you choose to stretch the story of your hypnotic trance.

And the more you practice self hypnosis, the more real your trances will become, but they will most likely never become so real that you could ever become lost in them, just as you might become very involved in a movie or book, but you wouldn't ever become absolutely lost in either of these two mediums of story-telling either. Being in a trance is FAIRLY similar to day-dreaming, except you will be in control of your trance world at all times because you'll remain conscious, meaning you'll continue to remain aware that ULTIMATELY you are only imagining a world in your own mind, so it is therefore not real, even though you will strive and hopefully succeed to make it FEEL very real.

The only danger you may experience with 'going into a trance' is if you were to listen to a self hypnosis audio recording while performing another activity such as driving. That said, wait for the right time and place before attempting to hypnotise yourself.


There are many instances in life where you can very easily see how the body is influenced by the mind...

* We sometimes cry when we're emotional (whether we're overwhelmingly happy or horribly upset) which thus shows how our 'mental feelings' can manifest physically in the form of tears

* Men can become physically aroused merely by closing their eyes and fantasizing about something that sexually excites them

* People with missing limbs can sometimes have the experience of a Phantom Limb sensation where they feel that an amputated or missing appendage is still physically attached to their body, albeit it often feels as though said appendage is in extreme pain. This is a neurological condition in part though, but also a mental condition as tests have revealed.

... etcetera.

My intention in referencing the above three examples of psychosomatic behaviours - for lack of a better term - is to merely show how our MINDS can influence our physical bodies DIRECTLY in both negative and positive respects. Self hypnosis is merely a tool where we more readily control this process of affecting the physical with the mental.

It would seem to a great many people (myself included) that self hypnosis can help you heal or strengthen mental or physical aspects of yourself with enough time and effort. I should mention, however, that MANY individuals in the scientific community do not condone hypnosis as being a valid practice (or at least an entirely valid process) to partake in though, and they say this with good reason, as there IS no solid evidence that conclusively proves hypnosis or meditation works.

So while I wholeheartedly believe hypnosis can be used to remedy addictions, phobias, certain relationship and personal issues, and a myriad of other conditions, I am basing this solely on my own experience (which perhaps isn't that much, and is likely quite biased) and on my own logic.

Therefore, while gravity is a scientific law which decidedly applies to this universe, judge for yourself whether or not you think hypnosis also very possibly is.

If hypnosis DOES truly improve the quality of one's life, however, then it's an indispensable tool to have at your disposal, so you should make full use of it.

Self hypnosis for self improvement, I say!


If nothing else, I fervently believe that hypnosis (and meditation) help in one VERY important respect...

Both practices very much involve getting you to get yourself into as relaxed a frame of mind as possible.

Relaxation is a thoroughly important state of being to have and maintain in life, as, for example, you only need to consider how often in the past you might have tried desperately to think of something, but couldn't, then later - when your mind was turned to other things, and you were relaxed again - that impossible-to-reach thought suddenly popped into your head from nowhere. This is FREQUENTLY the sort of thing that happens when you don't stress. And what is the opposite of stress? Exactly, it's 'relaxation'.

That said, before coming to anything else, self hypnosis firstly and fore-mostly involves relaxing yourself. Initially your body, then your mind. These beginning means of relaxing yourself are the Induction and Deepening phases of self hypnosis.

The next phase is when your mind will be put into a hypnotic trance and 'suggestions' will be made. This is the Subject phase of the self hypnosis session.

Lastly, you'll be brought gently out of your trance, and this final stage of a self hypnosis session is referred to as the Awakening phase.

The above four phases of a self hypnosis session fit most self hypnosis scripts that are written to hypnotize you, and they will be the main stages in the script I have written below, in this article, for you to record for yourself and play back as a self hypnosis session whenever it best suits you.

Two last points before getting to the aforementioned Self Hypnosis Script...

1) When you find yourself in a trance, you'll repeat a thought (or a few thoughts) that will be your main purpose in how you're looking to specifically improve a certain element (or elements) of yourself. Repetition of this thought (or of these thoughts) is highly important, but it is up to you to decide how many times you should repeat your thinking. I personally repeat self hypnotic thoughts anywhere from five to ten times, but many say that repeating a thought three times is all that is necessary to the process.

Why, I believe, we need to repeat certain thoughts (or why we need to get into the habit of being in the habit of re-thinking certain ideas) is because of the way the subconscious mind works.

The subconscious mind - which many quite accurately compare to a computer - doesn't make judgements or place any emotion on the thoughts that you think because it can't. Thus the subconscious mind also does not know how to place importance on the different thoughts you have. My view is that 'with repetition' you basically show your subconscious mind that certain thoughts are more important than others, and it needs to know this because the subconscious mind can't file every little bit of data that comes its way as being of the utmost significance. Certain media players do a similar thing when they generate playlists for you that will hopefully be a list of your 'favourite songs'. They make records of how frequently you listen to certain pieces of music, then take the music you listen to the most (sometimes factoring in also how long you have had it on your computer for) and classify those as being the most important (and supposedly, therefore, your favorite) songs. Explaining my theories on why the subconscious mind specifically needs to know how important one thing is relative to another will have to wait for another article though.

2) Television commercials are like mini hypnosis sessions if you think about it.

They may not physically and mentally relax you, but they do incorporate techniques which play to certain human psychological traits, and they please, tantalise and relax us with images and sounds that put us in the right frame of mind to accept the suggestions of buying certain products. Not only that, but - as mentioned in the point above - watching the same commercial repeatedly makes our subconscious mind place that much more value on the item being advertized in the commercial. Companies might argue that commercials are repeated simply because that is the best way of showing off a product to the largest audience of people (which is true) but I think it also has to do with the fact that our brains are wired to respond positively to repetition. Have you ever heard a song on the radio and been indifferent to it, but after a while it 'grows on you' even if you don't admit it to anyone else? Yeah, me too.

So if other people are allowed to manipulate your brain with hypnotic techniques, then maybe you should start doing the same to your own self too!

On that note, I hereby present you with the self hypnosis script (as 'almost promised') which you can make into an audio recording to try and hypnotise yourself with. And feel free to personalize it in whatsoever manner you might wish to...

The Self Hypnosis Script: Walking And Becoming

Sit down - or lie down on a bed, but in an upright manner - and make sure that however you are positioned, you are comfortable.

Do not close your eyes until you are told to do so, and - for now - look briefly at the space around you.

Now focus on an object in the room you could easily hold in your hand - perhaps a bedside light or a book - and continue to gaze at it carefully.

Examine this object's features... what color is it, what texture is it, how heavy is it, what will it feel like in your hands? Will it be cold or warm? Will it be rough or smooth or have a gripping surface?

Continue to look at this object, and for now let it seem like the most realistically fashioned item in the room.

Now, continuing to stare at the object, begin to focus on your breathing.

If you're breathing quickly, then slow down.

If you are breathing in shallow breaths, then breathe more deeply.

Slowly... and deeply.

Slowly... and deeply.

Slowly... and deeply.

Continue to breathe in this relaxed manner, still focusing on the object of your choosing, but now feel your eyelids becoming heavier, even though you are feeling quite awake and full of energy.

Now let your eyes close, as they are too heavy to keep open, but keep the image of the object you were focusing intently on in your mind.

Now, still breathing in slowly and deeply, still imagining 'your object', become aware that your eyelids were heavy only because you are feeling so incredibly relaxed right now.

The rest of your face is now also starting to feel heavy... relaxed.

Your neck and your shoulders are starting to feel heavy... relaxed.

Your entire upper torso - your chest and your back - are starting to feel heavy... relaxed... weighted down... so heavy that they are beginning to sink into the chair you are sitting on or the bed you are lying on.

And 'your object' is still there in your mind.

The upper part of your arms... your elbows... the lower part of your arms... your hands... your fingers... they are also feeling incredibly heavy and relaxed now.

They, too, sink slightly into the surface you are resting on.

And your breathing is still slow... deep... controlled... making you relax even more... making your upper body feel even heavier.

Then it begins to spread down to the lower half of your body... this heaviness.

It moves down from your waist.

It moves down from the top of your legs.

This heavy and relaxed energy spreads down till it reaches into your ankles, then into your feet, then into your toes.

And still you are continuing also to focus on your breathing.

Your slow, steady, deep breathing.

And 'your object' is still there in your mind... as clear as it was before.

Your entire body is heavy now... totally relaxed.

You feel wonderful, your entire physical self firmly planted where you are.

In your mind, you now imagine yourself reaching out and carefully taking 'your object' into your hand, then holding it beside you.

Very slowly, and still focusing on your very deep breathing, you imagine standing up with 'your object', and you see a pathway ahead of you that wasn't there before.

This pathway is the only thing that is clearly lit up, except for the night-sky above you, which is sparkling with the light of many millions of stars.

You begin walking down the pathway, still holding 'your object', but as you walk, you realise - without looking at it - that 'your object' is becoming lighter.

'Your object' is becoming smaller.

You continue to walk, and it is effortless.

You seem almost to pick up more energy as you go, and still 'your object' becomes smaller in size.

You are still breathing slowly and deeply, and you are still walking easily and happily along, and now 'your object' is so small that it is fully inside of your hand.

As you continue to walk on this seemingly endless pathway, 'your object' becomes so small that you can almost no longer feel it in your hand.

You stop walking.

You bring your hand up and open it.

Inside of it, there is now a ring.

You slip the ring easily onto one of your fingers and almost immediately you feel a warmth now radiating from it.

Just as a relaxed feeling of heaviness moved through your body before, this warmth now moves through your body.

It travels into the rest of your hand, but also up your arm and into your shoulders.

You are still breathing slowly and deeply and steadily, and you now feel even more relaxed than before.

The warmth then moves through the upper part of your body, filling you up, and your face begins to tingle ever so slightly.

The warmth moves down and into the lower part of your body... down past your waist and into your legs... into your feet and into your toes.

You suddenly feel incredibly solid, yet you know also that your body is ready, alert, and flexible.

Never before have you felt so strong, so healthy, so full of youth.

The warmth in your body is 'your potential' but it is more than that too.

The warmth is also everything good you have done and thought and said in your life.

The warmth is an accumulation of all that you have achieved in your life, and you have achieved a great deal.

Your mind is suddenly open and wanting to absorb all that it can.

Your mind is as relaxed as it has ever been, and you feel yourself smiling at this thought.

You look down and see that the pathway you were walking on has come to an end.

There is now simply a table in front of you, and - on it - is a card.

You pick the card up and read the following sentence which has been written down on it...

"I am strong enough to break any habits which are negatively affecting my life."

Repeat this thought now, five times, in the recesses of your mind.

(allow for a few seconds to pass)

You put the card down, and your breathing is still slow, deep and steady.

Your mind and body still feel completely relaxed.

You still feel immensely full of potential and optimism.

You turn around, and begin travelling back along the pathway that you had been walking on.

As you walk, you feel a wonderfully cool breeze blow gently against your face.

You then also realise there is a scent of honey in the air, and you smell it deeply, and hugely enjoy being alive and being able to sense the world in so many different and interesting ways.

You walk peacefully along, and - as you do - you take the ring off your finger and clutch it inside of your fist again.

As you strut purposefully ahead, you realise the ring begins to grow in your hands now.

Your breathing is slow and deep and steady.

The ring in your hand is now quite obviously becoming the object it originally was, as you can feel it beginning to take on its previous shape, although it is still not as big as it first had been.

As you walk - enjoying the easiness of everything - you realise the object in your hand has now become almost the same size as it initially was.

You slow down, then stop.

You look at 'your object' and realise it is now exactly as it was before.

You hold it out in front of you, and as you let it go, it hangs perfectly in the air where you placed it, as though balanced on an invisible shelf.

Apart from this object that continues to remain as it is, there is nothing else in the world around you now.

You focus on 'your object', but then even this begins to vanish until it is completely gone.

All that is left is your sense of self, the complete feeling of relaxation that is still filling your body up so completely, and the wonder at knowing your own potential.

You breathe slowly, deeply, and steadily.

And calmly, very calmly, you open up your eyes again to reality.


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