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This section of the website focuses both on the THEORY of self improvement and on self improvement articles TO DO WITH one's mental well-being. When I say this, I refer to such concepts as: who we are, why we do what we do, why we think what we think, what benefits may come as a result of reading self improvement advice, specific self improvement techniques, etcetera.

As a sidenote, I feel I should tell you that before writing a self improvement article, I'll often-times Google the title for that article merely to see what others have to say on the topic in order that I might then either fervently agree or disagree with others' opinions on whatever the matter in question is. I mention this because while I MOSTLY only ever write from my own experience and understanding, I do also sometimes like to see and incorporate (in my own words, of course) what others might say on a topic if there's a point about said topic that I haven't yet considered, but which I think is an important point to take note of.

Further to what I've 'said' in the aforementioned paragraph:

My specific purpose in writing self improvement articles, however - whether in regards to one's mental OR physical health - is to ADDITIONALLY put NEW information about common issues onto the web, as I feel that, far too often, the same regurgitated facts are frequently stated on many websites presumably because I can only imagine it's easier to copy and paste another person's words (or thoughts - speaking figuratively, of course) than for many people to have their own logical and unique ideas regarding a topic.

Lastly, I occasionally come back to my articles at a later stage and rewrite certain passages that either need some sprucing up, or else I add content that I didn't think about, or know to add, initially. Therefore, if my articles sometimes appear to change slightly, here and there, don't worry; it doesn't necessarily mean you're going mad. If you wish to know how to tell if you're going mad... well I'll write a proper article about that at a later stage too!

Below are the links to the articles in this section of the website pertaining to Mental Health.

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